Hot Water Brown? Simple Steps To Remove Rust From Your Water Heater

There's nothing worse than turning your hot water on only to have brown, rusty water flow from the pipes. When that happens, know you have a problem. Before you call the water company to complain about the condition of your water, you should take a look at your water heater. More than likely, the rust is coming from inside the tank.

To find out if the rust is coming from your water heater, you'll need to test the tank. Place a bucket under the water release valve and carefully turn it to the one position. Allow a small amount of water to flow from the tank. If the water is rusty, you'll need to clean the tank. Here are some step-by-step instructions that will help you remove the rust.

Flush the Tank

To get rid of the rust that's collected at the bottom of your water heater, you're going to need to flush the tank. Flushing the tank will remove the water and the bulk of the rust. To flush the tank, you'll need to turn the gas or the electricity off to the water heater. Locate the fill valve at the top of the tank and turn the water off. This will prevent the tank from refilling while you're cleaning the tank. Attach a garden hose to the water release valve located at the bottom of the tank and run the hose out to your yard. This will ensure that the water drains to a safe place. Open the water release valve and allow the water to drain from the tank. Once the tank is empty, disconnect the hose and move on to the next step.

Remove the Rust

After all the water has been removed, you'll need to remove the valve cover by unscrewing the bolts that are connecting it to the front of the water heater. Removing the valve cover will allow to access the bottom of the tank where all the rust will be located. Once the cover is off, use a shop vacuum to remove the rust from the bottom of the tank. If there are small particles left in the tank that you can't reach with your vacuum, you can use a small bottle brush to sweep it towards the opening. Once the rust has been removed, replace the valve cover. Turn the power back on to the water heater and open the fill valve at the top of the tank to allow the water heater to refill.

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