Three Ways In Which Plumbers Can Help You With Your Well Pump Water

Typically, when you install a well pump, you hire a well contractor to dig the well and/or install the well pump. He or she may make the necessary connections between your home's plumbing and the well, or he/she will subcontract the work out to plumbers. Here are three other ways in which plumbers can help you with your well pump (directly or indirectly).

Clearing or Flushing the Pipe Lines from the Well

Because your well water comes from the ground, you generally expect some grainy particles to flow through your pipelines to your faucets. However, what you may not know is that some of these larger particles of dirt or smaller pebbles can actually get stuck in your plumbing lines. The plumber can flush your pipes periodically, with clean water and a forceful pressure tank. It should clear any blockages that are preventing adequate water supply from entering your home.

Adding Water Filtration Systems

Plumbers can also install water filtration systems that will block some of the problems you might encounter when the well water is pumped into the house. If you have the plumber install a reverse osmosis system, for example, and it is directly connected to your main water line in the house, then the water intake line from the well has to pass all water through this system. Because the reverse osmosis system removes even the tiniest hard particles and eradicates many forms of bacteria, your well water cannot make you sick or cause plumbing problems when it passes through the system. Other water filtration systems may also help. (You should discuss these options with your plumber.)

Installing New Pipes to Reduce Unpleasant-Tasting Water

If you have old metal pipes in your home, this can also affect the quality of your water. Along with the well water debris, old pipes can rust and flake, placing actual bits of rusted metal in your water supply. To help prevent the rusty bits of old pipe in your drinking water, you may want your plumber to install brand-new pipes. If you do not want all of your pipes replaced, you can request that the plumber replace only the pipes that travel to your kitchen faucet (or the faucet you use most often for drinking water). If you also have your plumber install water filtration systems or water purification systems at the same time, then you can resolve several of your well water and related plumbing issues all at once.

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