Avoid Plumbing Problems: 3 Things That Should Never Be Flushed Down The Toilet

If you want to avoid serious sewage backups, there are some things you shouldn't be flushing down the toilets. Some of the items on the non-flushable list are actually labeled "flushable" by the manufacturers. However, sending them down the toilets could end up causing you plumbing problems. To help you avoid a mess, here are four common household items you should never flush down the toilet.


If you've ever flushed a tampon – or the applicator – down the toilet, you should make sure you never do it again. Just because you've done it before without noticing any plumbing problems doesn't mean it's not going to happen eventually. Tampons are highly absorbent and non-biodegradable, which means that once you flush them down the toilet, they're going to sit in the pipes and continue expanding. Flush enough of them down the drain and you're going to end up with a clog that will require professional attention to clear out. You should also avoid flushing the applicators, even if they say "flushable" on the label.

Flushable Wipes

If you use those personal pre-moistened bathroom wipes to cleanse yourself after using the restroom, you may be destroying your plumbing – especially if you flush them down the toilet. Those personal wipes may say "flushable" on the label, but they're not. In fact, those little moist wipes are responsible for some very serious sewer problems in cities and municipalities across the United States. According to one study, the wipes are not biodegradable, which means they'll linger inside the sewer pipes causing clogs. It's important to note that you should also avoid flushing baby wipes down the toilet for the same reason. They're simply not biodegradable and will ruin your pipes.


You have to figure out what to do with the used condom. Don't flush it down the toilet. It might seem like a safe way to dispose of the item. However, it could end up causing a serious clog in your drains – especially if it fills with water on the way down. Used condoms can fill with enough water to completely block your drain pipes. Once that happens, you're going to end up with a plumbing emergency.

You don't want to have to deal with clogs and backups in your sewer lines. Avoid the mess and the hassle by watching what you flush down the toilet. If you do experience clogs in your toilet, be sure to contact your plumber as soon as possible. They'll be able to get your drains flowing smoothly again.