Is Your Home’s Sewage Line Leaking? Learn How To Find Out

Of all the parts of your home's plumbing that can malfunction, the most problematic place it can happen is your sewage line. A leaking sewage line can cause issues with sewage backup in your home or your yard. Learn how to find out if there is an issues with your home's sewage line.

Check For Tree Roots

Do you have clay drain tiles buried underground for your main sewage line? These tiles are prone to having tree roots grow through the drain tile and cause a leak. In extreme situations, the sewage line can collapse.

Take a flashlight and look into your sewer's main cleanout line. If you can easily see tree roots down this pipe, the potential for problems deeper in the pipe can be bigger. A plumber can use a camera to take a look deep into your sewage line to find out what is happening in there.

Listen For Gurgling Sounds

Be aware of any strange sounds that are coming from your drains. This can include the toilet, the sink, and even the bathtub. Gurgling is typically a sign of a sewage line leak, since water waste is doing its best to push though a tiny opening somewhere in the sewage line.

Look At Your Yard

It's a good idea to know where your sewer line is buried underground in your backyard. If you notice the yard becoming soggy in the area that the pipe is buried, this could mean that there is an issue with a leak in the sewage pipe under the soggy spot. Sewage is toxic, so make sure to keep pets and children away from the area of your yard where the leak has occurred.

Fix The Leak

All hope is not lost if there is a leak in your home's sewage line, since there are several ways to fix it. Unfortunately, this part of your plumbing is something that you're responsible for, so your city won't pay for the repairs.

In a situation where the line has completely collapsed, your yard will need to be dug up to get to the sewage pipe and replace it with a new one. If you catch the problem early, there are other methods to replace the pipe that cause minimal damage to your yard. For example, a rubber tube can be fished through the existing line and inflated inside it. The new liner will help cover any leaks in sewage line.

For more info on how to fix the problem, speak to a local plumber.