3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Drains Clean

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your drains clog free and working smoothly throughout the year. 

Invest in Drain Covers

If you really want to prevent your drains from getting clogged, you need to invest in some drain covers. Your drains get clogged because of what goes down them; investing in drain covers can help you better control what goes down your drains

Start by purchasing a drain for your shower to keep hair from going down your drain. Even if you have short hair, investing in a shower drain cover is a good idea; it may take longer for your short hair to clog up your shower drain compared to how long it will take someone with long hair, but in the long run, short hair clogs drains just like long hair does. 

Next, purchase drain covers for your kitchen and utility sinks, where you are more likely to wash down food items and things that are particularly dirty.

Once you have purchased and started using these drain covers, make sure that you remove any food, hair and debris that the drains catch on a daily basis. This will keep the covers clean and allow them to work effectively. If you allow the debris to build up, the things the drains catch could start to develop odors and become more unpleasant to remove. 

Keep Food Out of Your Sink

Try to keep food out of your sink as much as you can. Scrape your plates off into the trash instead of just rinsing away all the food particles into the sink. Even if you have a garbage disposal, use it as a last resort instead of as your primary way of disposing of food scraps. Run your garbage disposal after you clean or rinse dishes to ensure that no food is stuck in your sink drain.

At least once a week, you should also clean your garage disposal to prevent food from getting stuck and building up. You can clean your garbage disposal by putting ice down it and running the disposal until the ice is gone or by putting a few fresh lemon or lime slices down your garbage disposal. The acid in the lemon or lime slices will clean away anything that has built up on your garbage disposal and will make things smell better as well. 

Be Proactive

Drain cleaners are not just for when your drain is clogged and backed up. You can help prevent clogged drains by being proactive. Purchase drain cleaner that is specifically labeled as being designed for maintenance purposes and pour the correct amount down all of your drains. This will help keep your drains and pipes clean and free of debris; you should do this on a quarterly basis to ensure that all your drains run smoothly. 

You can avoid a clogged drain this year by investing in drain covers, cleaning your pipes with drain cleaner, and keeping food out of your sink. 

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