Is Your Water Well Aging? How You Can Extend Its Life

If you have a water well, you need to make sure it ages well. Your water could end up full of contaminants from it, affecting the quality of the water and your life. Here are four tips to extend your well's life and make sure it serves your family fully.

Make Sure It Is Right for Your Environment

This is often a problem if you have quickly installed one or you have inherited one. Different environments will require wells dug to a different level and made in certain ways. Make sure your well meets your environment needs. For example, Inspectapedia states that Arizona wells need to be drilled to around 900 ft to get enough water.

Get a Well Liner

The walls of the well may start deteriorating, meaning that your water ends up full of soil and dirt. It's time to line the sides of your well to protect it from further damage. You may even taste the difference in your water quality. There are different types of liners, whether you need one to cover the full length or just part of the length. Be aware that the well will make the size of your well smaller, which can affect the amount of water you get.

Remove Blockages

Sometimes, the problem is due to a blockage within your well. It's worth investing in hydro cleaning every now and then to stop this from becoming an issue that causes your well to deteriorate quicker than normal. Hydro cleaning uses high water pressure to dislodge the blockage, so you can then remove. You'll need to clean and treat the water again before use.

Block Leaks

Leaking will affect the quality of your water, and can lead to further damage to your well. You need to block the leaks as soon as you see them occur, whether they are within the actual well or in the piping. The risk of your pipes leaking will depend on the type of material you use. Galvanized water pipes last much longer than other types, for example.

Having a water well can be excellent for saving money and living off the land. However, you need to make sure it remains safe for use and doesn't affect the quality of your water. Good maintenance and fixing problems quickly will prolong the life of your well, whether you need to prevent blockages or protect it when it starts to decay. Contact a business, such as Roto-Rooter, for more information.