How To Heat An Addition Made From Your Sun Room

Do you have an unused sunroom on the back of your house that is rarely used? You may be thinking about turning it into an addition by properly remodeling it.  The problem that you may find yourself running into is how to heat the room.  Here are some options for how to add heat to an addition.

Run New Duct Work

If you want consistent heat throughout the winter, the best way to do it is by extended the existing ductwork to the new room by placing exhaust and return vents.  For homes that have central air conditioning, you can also cool the room using the same system. 

One problem that you may run into using this method is actually getting the ductwork to the addition.  You may have a brick exterior wall or a cement slab that the addition is built on, so getting duct work to the room may not be possible.  Your home's furnace also may not be designed to handle the additional square footage, which can cause the heat to not be very efficient in the room.

Install Baseboard Heat

One of the more convenient ways to heat the addition will be with electric baseboard heating.  This system is installed just in the addition and connected to its own thermostat.  You heat the room when it is being used, and can turn off the heat when it is not being used. 

It is not connected to your existing thermostat in anyway, so you will need to do additional work to manage the temperature of the room.

Install a Gas Fireplace

The nice thing about a gas fireplace is that it acts as a pleasing aesthetic point in the room as well as a heating source.  This method will require additional venting or a chimney to be installed, but the result will be a nice focal point of your addition.

Use Radiant Heat

Before you install the flooring in the addition, you should have electronic radiant heat installed.  The heating method is very comfortable with the heat coming up from the floor. It keeps the bottom of the room warm, so that your head feels cool and your feet feel warm. This is ideal for rooms where you will have kids playing on carpeted floor. 

Once you decide on the heating method that you want to use, hire a local heating contractor to help perform the entire installation for you.