Key Plumbing Questions New Home Buyers Should Ask

If you're getting ready to buy your first house, it's easy to find yourself lost in the excitement and losing sight of smaller details. One of the things you should be careful not to overlook, though, is the condition of the plumbing. Here are several plumbing things that you should be attentive to when you're getting ready to lock in a contract on that first house.

How Old Are The Pipes?

The age of the pipes is an important consideration when you're buying a home. After all, copper or steel pipes must be replaced when they're around 50 years old or so. If the pipes are cast iron, you'll have almost twice as long. When you ask about the age of the pipes, you'll be able to consider whether or not you'll be facing a costly plumbing repair in the near future. If you do have to consider replacement, talk with your plumber about using PVC for the pipes, because they have a very long lifespan.

Where Do The Underground Lines Run?

It's inevitable that there are underground lines running on the property somewhere. You'll want to find out exactly where they are so that you can evaluate what's planted around them. Large trees in the immediate area of the pipes could put you at risk of tree root clogs and pipe damage.

What Environmental Concerns Are There?

If the area is unfamiliar to you, ask about the general climate. If the area is prone to significant changes in temperature, it could lead to pipe damage from the ground freezing. This can lead to cracks and brittle pipes, so it's important that you're aware of the risks. Talk with a plumber about inspecting the lines if you have cause to be concerned.

Another thing to consider is the soil content. Soil that has a high chloride level may be corrosive, damaging the pipes. This can lead to serious leaks that may even damage your yard. This is a common problem for areas with a high clay content in the soil. If the soil in the yard is sandy, you won't have as much risk.

With so many things to consider with a new home's plumbing, it's important to go into the showing process armed with the questions that will help you make an educated decision about the property. These questions will help you rule out potential plumbing issues or, at least, be prepared to address them. If you need help evaluating your potential future home, contact a plumber like those at Watson Plumbing.