Four Ways To Keep Porta Potties Classy At Your Next Event

Whether you are planning a wedding, reception, or family reunion, sometimes fun, outdoor locations might not have all of the bathroom needs that your event will require. If you are already turning your nose up at the idea of renting porta potties for your event, don't give up so quickly. Here are four porta potty options that might make this an easier solution than you realized.

1. Renting More than One Bathroom

A nicer option for guests is to have more than one porta potty at your event, even if one would suffice for the amount of people you will be expecting. Sometimes having two bathrooms a bit separated, and even one for men and one for ladies, can feel more traditional. Guests will warm up to these private bathroom options that are similar to what one would have in any other restroom situation.

2. Opting for the Next Level of Porta Potty

Porta potties don't just come in the blue, stinky variety. If your outdoor event will be bringing a touch of class, there is no reason your porta potty shouldn't follow suit. There are above-ground portable toilets that come with generators to provide power and flushing options. Portable bathrooms can still be brought to remote locations and will give guests the feeling of a standard bathroom.

3. Having a Hand Washing Station

While your porta potty options might come in the stand-alone variety and don't offer up a sink or powder room, this doesn't mean you can't add this to your bathroom area during your outdoor event. Add-ons such as hand washing stations with water and paper towels can be rented as well to bring a washroom feel. You can even bring in tables and mirrors to set up at the entrance of your porta potties to make this replicate a real bathroom setting.

4. Spend Time Adding Your Own Personal Touches

If you are opting for basic porta potties at your event due to your budget, this doesn't mean that you can't apply some DIY tricks to make porta potties more appealing. Installing a tent over the bathroom area can help section this off and help decrease mud and puddles at bathroom entryways if the weather is less than ideal. Making cute signage for bathrooms and decorating these with your event's color scheme might seem campy, but can make light of your porta potty situation.

While porta potties might not be your ideal choice when it comes to bathroom options for your outdoor event, there are ways to make this more appealing. If you can get creative with basic bathroom comforts and possibly spring for more expensive amenities, porta potties might not come off as such a bad choice for your next event.