Common Septic System Repairs You May Have To Oversee

There are a handful of common problems that can impact your home's septic tank. Unfortunately, homeowners will often need to schedule septic tank repairs as a result of a handful of avoidable problems that are impacting their system. In order to limit the costs and disruptions that septic tank repairs can require, you will need to become better informed about these problems and some of the steps that you can use to repair your malfunctioning septic tank system.

Grease From Cooking

Homeowners will regularly underestimate the problems that grease can cause for their septic system. In addition to being extremely difficult for the bacteria in the tank to breakdown, grease can also create a very sticky coating that can trap debris in narrow sections of the pipe. It can also be possible for the grease to form large and dense balls that can completely clog the pipes. Once one of these obstructions has formed, it will have to be broken up and dissolved in order for the septic tank's functionality to be restored. Using a septic tank grease solvent can help by softening the grease so that it can pass through the system more easily.

Harsh Cleaning Agents

Harsh cleaning agents can also create major problems for your septic system. When these substances enter the septic tank, they can neutralize the helpful bacteria in the tank. This type of septic tank problem can occur after using these chemicals only a single time. While the bacteria levels in the septic tank will return to normal after a period of time, you can shorten this period by using septic tank treatments. These products help to promote the growth of these bacteria so that your system can regain its effectiveness sooner.  

Parking On Top Of The Tank's Location

Parking on top of the septic tank or drain field may not seem like it will be a problem due to the assumption that the soil will protect the buried septic components. However, these systems are often not buried as deeply as homeowners may expect. In fact, the immense weight of the vehicle can compress the soil around the drain field and septic system enough to impact its performance. Aerating the soil around the septic tank can help to alleviate the effects of this compression. Yet, the system should be professionally inspected after this work is done as it can be extremely difficult to assess whether clogs or other secondary problems have developed from the weight of the vehicles parking above the system.

To learn more about septic tank repair, reach out to a local septic company.