High Water Bill? Here’s What You Need To Know

One of the most common monthly complaints might be that your water bill seems to be increasing. Whether you notice a steady climb month after month or you see a sharp increase, your plumbing might be trying to tell you something.

Do you see your water bill rising? It could have a lot to do with your plumbing. Here's what could be going on.

You Might Have a Leak

It's a fact of life: pipes and appliances leak. This can lead to a tremendous amount of water loss that you don't even see.

The toilet is a common culprit. Toilets can leak water at the rim, which can be dangerous for your health and your plumbing.

Your sink or the pipes underneath could also be a problem. You might notice a wet spot in the cabinet under the sink, indicating a leak, for instance.

Finally, you might have to consider a leak in your sprinkler or irrigation system. This is dangerous because you cannot see the leak. You could be using a lot of money as a result.

You Might Have a Broken Pipe

Whether a pipe has burst in the winter or you have a freak accident resulting in a huge gash your plumbing, you could have a serious plumbing emergency you don't even notice. It is very important to check your water meter when you notice a very high bill so that you can ensure you don't have water gushing out, causing flooding that you have not even noticed.

You Might Need New Appliances

Unfortunately, water-based appliances can become outdated before you know it. A toilet installed 15 years ago will use a lot more water than some of the modern iterations. If you notice your appliances are not friendly to your water bill, it might be time to change them out.

You May Need to Reduce Your Water Use

Finally, it might be time to think about how your habits may have changed. For example, your bill could have risen because you had to refill your swimming pool or because somebody new has moved into the home.

Talk to Your Plumber

Your plumber may be able to reduce your water bill by repairing a plumbing issue or making a recommendation for your water use or appliances. Call your plumber today to discuss the reasons for your increasing water bills. A few changes now could lead to more affordable water bills in the future