How To Heat An Addition Made From Your Sun Room

Do you have an unused sunroom on the back of your house that is rarely used? You may be thinking about turning it into an addition by properly remodeling it.  The problem that you may find yourself running into is how to heat the room.  Here are some options for how to add heat to an addition. Run New Duct Work If you want consistent heat throughout the winter, the best way to do it is by extended the existing ductwork to the new room by placing exhaust and return vents. Read More 

Is Your Sewer Line Blocked? Diagnosis And Treatment Of Backed Up Sewer Pipes

Sometimes it may appear that you have a simple clog in a sink or toilet, but it is actually your main sewer line that is either fully or partially blocked. You need to look at all of the symptoms to determine if your sewer line is clogged. The most obvious symptom occurs when raw sewage begins to flow up from your sink and tub drains, but there are other less obvious signs that your sewer line may be compromised. Read More 

Talk To Your Plumber About A Residential Fire Suppression System

If you are building a new house, you have probably talked to your plumber about all the different kinds of nifty water features you can get in your house. That can include things like whirlpool baths, steam showers, and bidets. However, you may not have spoken to your plumber about things that can keep you and your family safe and sound. One of those is a fire suppression system.  Fire Suppression Systems Read More 

Steps You Can Take To Maintain Your Plumbing In Your New Home

The moving process can be simultaneously exciting and stressful. And, when you have moved into a house you recently purchased, there are a great many factors that you need to consider. Once you are in your new home and beginning to get settled, you mind may begin to wander or drift to the various home maintenance tasks that you will need to take on to make sure that there are no negative surprises in the near future. Read More 

Sick Of The Slow Drain? 3 Ways To Keep Your Bathtub Unclogged

If you have people with long hair in your house, chances are you are going to run into an unwanted bathtub clog. The most common bathtub blockage is often caused by the hair that accumulates in a drain, and it doesn't always have to be long. Shaving and hair removal methods can clog a bathtub drain too. Luckily, there are several simple ways to combat this, and they are all relatively inexpensive. Read More