Understanding Plumbing Problems

Recognizing The Signs Of An Internal Pipe Leak In Your Home

In a perfect world, a leaking pipe would send off an alarm, notifying you of the problem so that you could immediately repair it. Unfortunately, this isn't how it typically happens. Leaks can often occur behind walls and other surfaces without you even being aware. Knowing how to recognize the outward signs of an internal pipe leak can help you rectify the situation faster. Stained Ceiling When it comes to a second story bathroom, one indication of a leak is staining on the ceiling. Read More 

Three Tips For Avoiding A Plumbing Mishap While You’re On Vacation

When you pull out of the driveway to head out on your vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is a plumbing catastrophe while you are gone. Floods are the number 1 disaster in the United States and result in millions of dollars each year in damages due to water damage. Even just a little bit of water stemming from a leak can result in major damage to your home. Read More 

4 Signs You Should Install A Tankless Water Heater In Your Bathroom

Even though you might have heard of tankless water heaters -- which, as the name suggests, are water heaters that do not have tanks and that heat water as it is needed rather than storing it -- you might have never thought about purchasing one. However, you may want to consider purchasing a small unit to install in your bathroom. These are four signs that this might be an ideal upgrade to make to your home. Read More 

4 Things You May Not Think About In The Aftermath Of Sewage Backup

The consequences of a sewer line backup can be disastrous, especially if your system backs up into your house. In extreme cases, raw sewage can overflow from toilets, back up through sewer pipes, and fill up tubs and sinks. It's a disgusting problem and a serious one to clean up. If you've experienced a sewer catastrophe, your first impulse may be to just get it cleaned up. However, it's not that simple. Read More 

Dealing With Plants Growing Out Of Your Drains And In Your Pipes

Finding plants growing out of your drain is not as uncommon as it may sound. If you don't use your sink or drain for a while, but it's exposed to sun and warm temperatures and you frequently use it to clean dishes, then it's highly probable that you may see a sprout or two. Even if you use your sink every day, you may find a plant or two if the conditions are right. Read More