Understanding Plumbing Problems

4 Things You May Not Think About In The Aftermath Of Sewage Backup

The consequences of a sewer line backup can be disastrous, especially if your system backs up into your house. In extreme cases, raw sewage can overflow from toilets, back up through sewer pipes, and fill up tubs and sinks. It's a disgusting problem and a serious one to clean up. If you've experienced a sewer catastrophe, your first impulse may be to just get it cleaned up. However, it's not that simple. Read More 

Dealing With Plants Growing Out Of Your Drains And In Your Pipes

Finding plants growing out of your drain is not as uncommon as it may sound. If you don't use your sink or drain for a while, but it's exposed to sun and warm temperatures and you frequently use it to clean dishes, then it's highly probable that you may see a sprout or two. Even if you use your sink every day, you may find a plant or two if the conditions are right. Read More 

Plumbing Problems? 3 Simple Tips To Avoid Aggravation

Even if you have your drains cleaned once a year, those little plumbing problems can crop up and spoil the day. That's where it comes in handy to have a few quick fixes up your sleeve. These little quick fixes will get you out of some tough spots so you don't have to call the plumber so quickly. Here are four simple tips that will help you prevent plumbing catastrophes. Read More