How To Replace The Flushing Mechanism On An Old Toilet At Your Cottage

The sound of an old toilet constantly running at your cottage can drive people crazy. One of the main reasons an old toilet constantly runs is because the flushing mechanism has gotten old and worn out. The flushing mechanism consists of the pipe used to fill the tank with water, the floating ball that measures how much water is in the tank and the shutoff valve that operates once the ball rises to a certain level when the tank fills up with water. Read More 

Three Ways In Which Plumbers Can Help You With Your Well Pump Water

Typically, when you install a well pump, you hire a well contractor to dig the well and/or install the well pump. He or she may make the necessary connections between your home's plumbing and the well, or he/she will subcontract the work out to plumbers. Here are three other ways in which plumbers can help you with your well pump (directly or indirectly). Clearing or Flushing the Pipe Lines from the Well Read More 

Troubleshooting Tips For Common Air Conditioning Problems

Just because you aren't a heating and air conditioning repairman doesn't mean you can't troubleshoot a few problems rather than paying for an expensive house call. You'd hate to call out the repairman only to find out that your air conditioner wasn't turned on. See below for helpful troubleshooting tips for some common A/C issues. Air Conditioner Won't Turn On If your air conditioner isn't turning on, you'll need to check a couple of things. Read More 

Furnace Filters: Why All Homeowners Should Maintain Them

As the chilly weather begins to appear, the health of your furnace is more important than ever. In order to keep it in optimal condition, it is crucial that the filters are exchanged and cleaned regularly. While most manufacturers suggest changing the filters every three months, it can be necessary to change them more often if you have pets who shed, live in a dusty climate, or if your home is just more prone to dust than others. Read More 

Hot Water Brown? Simple Steps To Remove Rust From Your Water Heater

There's nothing worse than turning your hot water on only to have brown, rusty water flow from the pipes. When that happens, know you have a problem. Before you call the water company to complain about the condition of your water, you should take a look at your water heater. More than likely, the rust is coming from inside the tank. To find out if the rust is coming from your water heater, you'll need to test the tank. Read More