3 Common Water Heater Issues & How To Deal With Them

When your water heater is working right, it is easy to forget about it. A few issues can develop with a water heater, however, and it is important to know what to do should one of those issues arise. Common Issue #1: Discolored Water The water that comes out of your faucets should always be clear. If you notice that the water coming out of your faucets is discolored throughout your home — and not just at one location — your water heater is more than likely the culprit. Read More 

High Water Bill? Here’s What You Need To Know

One of the most common monthly complaints might be that your water bill seems to be increasing. Whether you notice a steady climb month after month or you see a sharp increase, your plumbing might be trying to tell you something. Do you see your water bill rising? It could have a lot to do with your plumbing. Here's what could be going on. You Might Have a Leak It's a fact of life: pipes and appliances leak. Read More 

Three Things To Do If A Water Supply Line Bursts

Walking into the kitchen or bathroom only to discover a puddle beneath the sink or on the floor is alarming at best. If the puddle is still growing larger, it is an emergency. A burst water supply pipe isn't something you can ignore until the regular business hours. The following can help you do the right thing during this emergency situation. 1. Turn of the Supply Valve The first thing to do if you suspect a busted water supply line is to shut off the water main that feeds the broken line. Read More 

Five Tips to Winterize Your Plumbing

Winter cold can lead to indoor flooding. The cause? Frozen plumbing pipes that burst. Vacant homes are at most risk. If you own a vacation home or will away from home for more than a couple of days this winter, then home winterization services are a must. Shut Down the Indoor Water Turn off the water main coming into the home each time you plan to be away for more than a short time. Read More 

Why Opting for Sewer Pipe Lining Services May Be the Best Repair Choice

If you have a crack in your residential sewer line, you are going to need to make sure that it is getting the repair work it needs as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have the sewage line repaired, the more toxic your yard could become and the worse the problem could get. All of that would result in you having to spend more money. Now that you are ready to get the repairs done, take a few minutes to read over some of the reasons why opting for a sewer pipe lining can be a good decision. Read More